What’s eTwinning for me?

Until very recently, I had only a vague idea of what eTwinning was. But just some months ago I was selected to participate in the eTwinning- Teacher Training Initiative, and now I have a much better understanding of its meaning:

For me, eTwinning is an opportunity to collaborate with partners across Europe, with many implications:

  • to establish professional connections with teachers from other countries, working in a completely different social and professional environment.
  • To share other’s good practices and have mines examined and, most likely, improved.
  • to engage in new challenges; to gain a plus of motivation from the compromise acquired with the partners.
  • For my students, the unbeatable opportunity to, first, engage in significant, high pedagogical quality projects and, second, connect with other international students, fostering their sense of belongingness to Europe.

From the knowledge I’ve gained from my training in the eTwinning-TTI, I can now also say that eTwinning is a place for keeping record of your professional development, creating and nurturing professional networks and also for professional training.

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