Teacher Mentor

Having taking the Teacher’s Mentor Survey, results are not surprise for me. Apparently, I’m more proficient at theory (Pedagogy and ICT) than at practice (digital communication, digital creation).

In fact, I do believe in the power of ICTs to transform education, and that they should be included (as long as they provide any added value). But, when it comes to practice, I’m quite pragmatic. I like to be updated, and know new applications that can open new opportunities, but I’m not obsessed about knowing all the tools or the optimal solution for a given problem. If I know something that works, it’s enough.

Probably, I need to improve at communication. I routinely use online communication, also to communicate with students, but I’ve realized probably I’ll have to revise communicational codes more suitable for these channels.

Definitely, my goal for the coming months will be to do a more conscious use of privacy and ethics in publication, and specifically work to make my students aware of licenses and their implications, for others’ and own work.

teacher mentor

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